Conferences & Events

Strategic Conferences & Events is a certified Women Owned Business that strategically and logistically plans and implements meetings and events.

The Way We Work

Strategic Conferences & Events is a small consulting firm. We hire additional consultants as needed to run a lean event.  Registration support, content managers, logistical managers and travel directors/onsite support are hired based on the scope of the program.  We start with a flat fee, a percentage of total cost of meeting, plus registration support and expenses--this way you know from day one what your costs will be.  We manage every step of the event from site selection, contract negotiation, budget management to logistical planning, onsite support and reconciliation, and can also assist in sponsorship/tradeshow management.  

Corporate Events

Sales kickoffs, manager meetings, customer advisory board meetings, SE trainings and incentives (C level & partner events).

Creative Ideas

Our creative approach to each meeting delivers content that sticks. There is so much more than sleep, feed and meet.  

Corporate Social Responsibility

GIVING BACK--is vitally important. Every event we try to incorporate a charity piece somewhere within the meeting scope. 


Ready to get started?

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