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Strategic Conferences & Events is a certified Women Owned Business that strategically and logistically plans and implements meetings and events.

The way that we have been successful helping companies host meetings and events is by truly becoming an arm of the marketing/sales/operations teams.  As an independent consultant, I am able to work side by side with the project manager and take the logistics and strategic implementation off their plate in a cost effective manner.  Then work with my team of consultants to fit the best of the best into the specific requirements of the program.

My passion is planning events, all events, especially those that are out of the box.  Why are you having the event and how can you plan it so that the content sticks and delivers results.  There is so much more than sleep, feed and meet.

The way my consulting firm works is that I hire additional consultants as needed to run a lean event.  I have registration support folks, content managers, logistical managers and travel directors/onsite support that I hire depending on the scope of the program.   We build the fee as a flat fee, a percentage of total cost of meeting, plus registration support and expenses.  This way you know from day one what your costs will be.  We manage every step of the event from site selections, contract negotiation, budget management to logistical planning, onsite support and reconciliation.  I can also assist in sponsorship/tradeshow management.

We have successfully planned sales kickoffs, manager meetings, customer advisory board meetings, SE trainings and incentives (C level, partner events and internal), to name a few.

Lastly, and most importantly, my number one passion in my career is CSR (corporate social responsibility), GIVING BACK.

I will never host a meeting where I have not suggested that the organization incorporate a charity piece somewhere within the meeting scope.  I can come up with a multitude of options that do not need to take time away from the business time but will enhance the attendees experience.  I believe that meeting planners are not doing their job if they are not encouraging an opportunity to give back to the local community.


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