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Hotel Room Amenities

Hoteliers, take a minute to read this post, I guarantee it will open your eyes and potentially save your hotel some money. Not to mention that it will make you look like you truly care about the client arriving to your hotel.

Meeting planners love, for many reasons, to get an amenity in their room upon arrival. Maybe the planner has been traveling for hours with just airplane food to sustain them, maybe they need time to catch up on work and don’t have time to go to the hotel restaurant for the next meal, or maybe they have gotten in too late to eat a full meal. For all of these reasons there is an opportunity for you, the hotel sales person, to look great.

BUT, please do your due diligence, it will only take a few minutes. Get to know your planner. Take the time to reach out and ask what time they are arriving so you know if it is around a mealtime. Find out if they have a dinner to go to or plan to work in the room that evening. Know the number of days they are staying so that you can send up something that may last.

Below is a list of does and don’ts when sending an amenity:
• DO your research
• DON’T send up a cheese plate that arrives after the planner just got back from a dinner
• DO know your planners arrival schedule
• DON’T send a whole bottle of wine for a onenight stay, check to make sure that the person you send the wine to actually drinks. Don’t take a chance that there could be a negative history with alcohol.
• DO send bottled waters!
• DON’T send a fruit plate with unripe eclectic fruit that just looks pretty, send fresh apples, grapes, banana’s, strawberries and oranges. But please only one of each, depending on the length of stay, too much fruit will go to waste.
• DO send healthy snacks that are in small packages to grab and go.
• DON’T send a giant bowl of mixed nuts unless you plan to send a zip lock baggie along with it.

I once arrived at a hotel after traveling a long distance just prior to a hotel arranged fancy dinner with the entire hotel management. Immediately upon arriving at my room there was a knock at the door and a room service person standing with a HUGE tray of deli meats, cheeses, condiments and breads. I graciously thanked this person and asked them to return it to room service since I would not be eating it. Yes they were stunned but I couldn’t see that food going to waste.

Room amenities don’t have to be food. If you know your attendee will be spending many hours on line in the room, then how about a complimentary code to WiFi in the room. The best amenity I ever got came from the Marriott Santa Clara, I was staying for a week to host a management meeting and it happened to be my birthday. When I walked in the room there were balloons, a nice basket of assorted packaged snacks, bottled water and BEST OF ALL a small, framed picture of my children by my bedside. This hotelier took the time to know I had small children, somehow got a photo of them and made me feel like I had a piece of home with me. It was priceless and will never be forgotten.

Don’t just order off the room service menu the same thing you send to every arriving client. Do you job and sell your brand and the many creative benefits that are afforded to you by being in our fantastic industry.

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